Tree Masters is your top choice is residential as well as commercial tree services. We provide our valued customers with a long list of comprehensive tree trimming, pruning and removal services that will keep the trees on your property healthy and beautiful. Our team of specialists will ensure you are completely satisfied anytime you choose us to handle your trees. Following is a little bit about the services we have to offer.

Tree Trimming & Pruning Services

You can count on the experts at Tree Masters to carefully inspect your trees to find any branches that show signs of damage, disease or other need for removal. When your trees are properly pruned and trimmed, they will grow larger and healthier to provide your property with beauty. If your trees are close to buildings, we will trim them to an appropriate length so they are safe and not causing any damage to surrounding structures. We are fully versed in all tree trimming and pruning techniques as we have over 18 years of experience in the industry.

Tree Removal & Stump Grinding Services

There are a variety of reasons that home and business owners may decide it’s time to remove a tree from their property. If any of these reasons below pertain to you, it may be time to call on the professionals at Tree Masters to remove your tree as well as grind the stump and remove it as well.
Decaying Trunk or Roots: This is the foundation for your tree. If there are signs of decay or disease on the trunk or roots of your tree, you may need to remove it for safety reasons.
Splitting Trees: Large cracks in the trunk of your trees may require you to remove the tree all together.
Trees Too Close to Buildings: You don’t want a tree too close to buildings or your home. Removing it may be the only option.
Tree Storm Damage: Some storms are so violent that they cause significant damage to your trees and require removal.
Tree Pest Infestation: Ash borers are the number one infestation that requires tree removal.

Tree Planting & Root Barrier Installation

Since trees come at a steep cost, you want to make sure that when they are planted, it is done correctly. At Tree Masters, we will plant your young trees with care so that they will have the highest success rate possible. Root barriers are always wise as well to ensure your tree’s roots don’t cause damage to driveways, foundations and landscaping as well.

Storm Damage Debris Hauling & Clean Up Services

If your property is littered with branches and damaged trees following a severe storm, you can count on the experts at Tree Masters to handle clean up. We have the training and expertise needed to safely clean up the area following severe weather. Before we get to work, we know how important it is to take pictures for insurance purposes, but once we get the all clear, we will get in there and get to work.

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