Root Barrier Installation for Mature Trees

Tree Masters is fully licensed and insured to provide quality tree services to the locals of Miami and Southern Florida. As your community tree specialist, Tree Masters provides a wide range of services including trimming, pruning, tree removal to stump, grinding and root removal, hazardous tree limb removal, mulching, debris hauling, as well as having a Certified Arborist Consulting service. For nearly 20 years, Tree Masters has been delivering 100% satisfaction and continue to strive exceed the expectations of our valued customers with superior execution, friendly customer service, and professional ethics.

Installing Mechanical Root Barriers

Tree Masters includes root barrier installation services for our customers in South Florida. Root barrier installation is designed to protect the infrastructure because as trees mature their root systems branch out beneath the soil and will often grow to 2-4 times the diameter of the crown. The root barriers redirect and control the direction of the root growth by way of mechanical guides. By diverting the tree roots away from nearby hardscapes, the primary function of the root barriers protects the foundation and structure. Root barriers are a great alternative to removing a tree or plants due to root issues.

Root Barrier Installation for Mature Trees & More in Pine Crest, Coral Gables, Palmetto Bay, Kendall & Greater Miami, Florida

Tree Masters offers assistance with high quality root barrier services in the Greater Miami and South Florida area. Our goal is to prevent costly root damage while preserving the health and beauty of your mature trees. We will first assess the growth rate and direction of the roots in your landscape, and can then help you prevent these costly repairs from ever happening. We work with you to determine the best root height and width root barrier that is ideal for your individual circumstances and preferences. Call Tree Masters today for your root barrier installation and other quality tree services.

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