Hurricane Tree Preparation & Pre Storm Inspections

In Gerater Miami, FL, Tree Masters, a completely licensed and insured tree service provider, offers premium services at an affordable rate. Serving the community for nearly 20 years, Trees Masters supplies Certified Arborist Consulting services, tree removal to stump, grinding and root removal, pruning, trimming, hazardous tree limb removal, mulching, debris hauling, and more. Tree Masters is dedicated to satisfaction and continues to provide customer care, professional courtesy, and superior results in our local Southern Florida communities.

Secure & Trim Trees Before a Hurricane or Other Storm

Tree Masters includes hurricane tree preparation services in South Florida to help secure your trees before the stormy Florida summer hits. Though in some cases trees may need to be removed, other situations simply call for proper pruning of mature trees. Cleaning the crown or hazard pruning is often the first approach in preparing for hurricane season. All dead, diseased, damaged, or broken branches are removed to help strengthen the tree. Following the hazard pruning, Tree Masters will reduce the weight at the end of the branches to minimize the risk of breakage. Necessary leaf removal can lighten the weight of the branch collar. Within a tree’s crown, thinning methods reduces the sail of leaf. Proper thinning to improve air movement within the crown also increases light penetration.

Hurricane Tree Preparation & Pre Storm Inspections & More in Pine Crest, Coral Gables, Palmetto Bay, Kendall & Greater Miami, Florida

Tree Masters include a root evaluation and tree placement to determine the tree’s potential hazard. In regard to location to the home, driveway, streets, sidewalk, and so on will contribute to the precautions taken. To prepare your trees for hurricane season, call Tree Masters and let our certified experts take care of your South Florida trees. Contact us today for a pre storm inspection, to secure your trees before the next hurricane hits or any of our other quality tree services.

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