Really good experience. Best tree work we've had in 25 years. Mathew and his crew fixed some problems other tree services and storms had left. Fair and honest. Highly recommended. Price was what was quoted. No surprises.

Billy M Pinecrest, FL

Really good experience with the crew. We have over an acre in S Dade with a full canopy of oak and black olive, palms, and a lot of invasive holly, vines and schefflera. We hired Treemasters to trim some trees that were overgrown, and had been hacked by numerous tree services over the years. Matthew opened them up properly, unlike the last 3 'arborists'. The job was completed at the price quoted, and he provided a detailed estimate prior to starting work. Anyway, after the 1st job was done, I hired him again to remove the invasive trees and vines, and plant some new trees. And one more time to fix some broken sprinklers and replace our diverter valve. They also did real good cleaning up at the end of each day and the end of the job. I would recommend them and hire them again.

Michael K Palmetto Bay, FL

Matt and his team from Tree Master did a great job. Before I contacted Matt, I made the mistake of trying to get my lawn company, who claims they are also a landscaper and tree service company, to remove of palm stumps (a type with multiple small fiberous stumps per tree, that can grow back easily - if not properly removed) and to grind/remove a much larger group of stumps (from a type of tree that acted like a Banyan tree, but looked more like a Rubber tree). The trees and a fence beside them was damaged by Irma. Now I needed them all gone, both to make the yard look nice again and so I can put back up a nice fence that was damaged by the storm. Please NOTE below is not a review of Tree Master - it is a review of a different company that I am talking about just to contrast them with how good of a job Matt from Tree Master did. Well my lawn/landscaping/tree company, that first tried to use, was able to cut everything down, but they were very hesitant to do the grinding that they had already been partially paid to do. They were worried about it being close to my house water line, so instead and without waiting for my permission, dumped chemicals all over the stumps to try and dissolve them. Which they said would take 3-4 weeks. Well it didn't even come close to working (after 2 months), so I insisted on them grinding the tree stumps like was originally agreed to. They kept saying they didn't want the liability of repairing they water pipe, if they break it (which is why they tried the chemicals first), I ended up digging up the pipe myself, so they at least knew where it was. They didn't do a good job of grinding the smaller stumps. They left a lot just under the ground that could grow back and didn't smooth over the holes to make the ground look level. In general it looked very messy afterwards. The larger stump they couldn't do at all, they said their grinder kept shutting off every time they tried to grind it. They said they would have to research it and contact colleagues to figure out how to remove this group of larger stumps and it might require stronger chemicals. Enough was enough. Now my REVIEW of Tree Masters: So, I called Matt from Tree Masters. He came over and inspected the area and said it would be no problem, but it would require to him to use a fairly big and therefore more expensive grinder and some equipment to help him scoop up and haul off the debris. He wasn't worried about the water pipe at all and said if he happened to break it, he would fix it on the spot, but he was not worried about it and did NOT expect to break it. Well I guess you just need to call someone who knows what they are doing. Matt and team came over with a much larger grinder and made quick work of the larger collection of stumps and redid the grinding of the smaller ones that were that were not done well enough by the other company. He hauled away the everything as to not leave a large mound or fibrous root material all over the place. He also recovered up my water pipes and spread dirt evenly over the work area to keep the yard looking flat. Matt and team did a great job and it looks great. Now my fence guy can finish putting up my replacement fence. I gave a B, instead of an A on price, because I would have liked it a bit cheaper, but maybe it was still a good price, because although my lawn/tree company was cheaper, they couldn't even do the job correctly and I had to end up hiring Matt from Tree Master anyway, so cheaper is not always better. There was a slight initial delay on arranging the site visit to inspect tree stumps and getting the quote (but the quote delay was due to a wrong e-mail address). The initial site visit delay was only a day or two past the original planned date, which is still pretty good compared to long delays I have had with other companies. Once I gave the go ahead on the job, he not only did the work quickly and correctly, he made special arrangements to start extra quick, since he knew I had been struggling to get this done with the previous company and it was delaying my fence installation. All in all, Matt and his team did a great job and I have no problem highly recommending him.

Dana K South Miami FL

Very nice folks, and very professional. They did some really tricky work, including removing a fallen tree from a pond! Huge trees fell on our property, and Tree Masters removed them and cleaned up the debris over a course of three days. A few trees left standing were trimmed a little too closely, but most of the work was done really well. These are very honest, hard-working people who know their stuff. We were pleased with the result.

Lauraine W Miami FL

A super big Thanks to Tree Masters. They had to turn down so many customers because they were inundated with calls for estimates and tree removal. After seeing photos of our 40 ft Northfolk Island Pine tree that was ready to topple over, they came in the afternoon and took the tree down. They were very professional, quick and even cleaned the area up. Thanks Matt and Tina!!!

Abdullah A Kendall, FL

I've used them twice and each time I was very satisfied. The price was reasonable. Everything was very good. They were very good at what they did and they did a very good job. They got it done well. I appreciated it. I love it.

John F Palmetto Bay, FL

Very well. John was on-time and his crew performed as he said they would. I'd hire him again in a minute; work was done without messing up anything, which was no small task considering I have a fish pond under several of the trees that were trimmed. price was just below where I anticipated - nice. Much appreciated, John. I strongly recommend you to anyone with trees in need of trimming.

Todd W Miami FL

We had 4 Arborists come out to give estimates as we have several large oaks and other trees that badly needed trimming. Not only was Matt the only one that actually showed us with a laser pointer what he was going to do, but he also made some really good suggestions that we hadn't even considered. He was the only one that took the time to walk through our entire yard with us and point out areas that needed attention. Their work was even better than expected and they cleaned up everything, including the pool. They did the job in 1 day when everyone else was quoting 2-3 days. My beautiful trees look amazing! It's so rare to encounter people with such impressive work ethic these days. He and his team were incredibly professional. I will definitely hire them again next time I need work done.

Margarita B Coral Gables, FL

Mr. Long responded to my call, quoted me a reasonable price and showed up on time on the day we agreed. He removed all the branches and left the property completely clean.

Theresa B Miami FL

They were very professional and very flexible - scheduling the work when it was convenient for the community. They always came when they said they would and always left the work area clean when they left for the day - not an easy thing to do when trimming very large trees. The work was excellent and they could not have been more professional!!

Tania M Miami FL

Matt was very professional, he came out to give me an estimate within only about 2 -3 days of my call (which he answered himself inspite of being on vacation around New Years holiday) and I received the written estimate via email after which we scheduled the work to be done the following Monday. He came out today at the time we had agreed with 2 helpers and removed 3 trees on the left side of my property, he also removed 2 of the stumps and applied herbicide to the inaccessible remaining stump. He also removed all debris and upon completion they replaced the river rocks and all potted plants they had to move in order to do the job. One of his crew even used the blower to clean up the area nicely. My husband and I were very satisfied with the quality of work and his professionalism. We would definitely use them again and highly recommend Tree Masters to everyone.

Rolando A Coral Gables, FL

Contacted Tree Master and left a message that I was interested in receiving a quote on the work to be done. Was called back quickly by Matthew. Matt came out the next day and spent about 90 minutes with me going over the area taking notes and sketching a plan. He noted where the utilities were located and made numerous measurements for clearance of equipment. The next day I had an e-mail from Matt describing the work to be done and several options.
I accepted the offer and Matt gave me a start date for the Tuesday of the following week. Tuesday morning Matt and his crew were on site ready to work. It is absolutely amazing just how much debris 350 feet of 8 - 10 foot hedge will make ! Many of the stumps were 6 or more inches in diameter and in every case there were 4 or 5 stumps grouped together. There is no way this could have been done by hand. The first part of the hedge had to come down so Matt's equipment could get in the back yard.
Matt has the right equipment to take on a job of the scope.
As the hedge was being removed, the 100+ new plants were delivered and off loaded. after a couple of days of cutting and removing roots, dressing the area to plant the new Clusia, the planting of the new plants started on the far side of the property and the bucket truck came into the back yard. Now the tree trimming started. WOW lots more debris, Lots and lots more.
This is where Matt's heart duty BobCat and chipper comes into play. I was surprised just how quick they were able to reduce all of the logs and branches into chips. They then moved the chips to the back yard for mulch and finished the hand trimming of the trees.
The trees looks great and all of the dead wood is gone. The hedge is fantastic. The fence is back up looking better than ever. The debris are all gone and the yard looks perfect.
The only glitch encountered was on getting the bucket truck out of the back yard. The truck snagged a small part of the ornamental grill work on my neighbors side fence. Matt contacted the neighbor and arranged for it to be repaired. This has been done and my neighbor is happy.
Matt is a true southern gentleman and pleasure to work with. Everything worked out perfect.

Hernan V Kendall, FL

Great company, fair price, great service. My experience: 1 - They arrived on time to give the estimate 2 - Provided a fair price 3 - Arrived on time to remove the tree 4 - Removed the tree and cleaned-up like it was a kitchen floor. Will definitely use Tree Masters again. I highly recommend them.

Carla C Pinecrest, FL

Could not be more satisfied. The price was fair, the work was clean and professional. I will definitely be using their services again and would highly recommend them. They did extensive work picking up yard debris, fallen limbs, tree trimming and generally cleaning up a property that had been vastly overgrown and neglected for years. A large crew arrived they were able to complete the work in one day. I am very happy to have found Matt and Tree Masters on Angie's List.

Helen S Pinecrest, FL

It was a fairly extensive trimming of a large lots with lots of big trees. They also removed a big tree out of the back and ground the stump down. They took out 2 dead trees in the back corner of my lot as well. They were professional and cleaned up after. A lot of sawdust mixed with sap got into my pool and stained the bottom and Mr. Long had someone come out the day after and take care of the clean up. I was rather satisfied with the job and the price. It was well worth it.

Miguel P Miami FL

Everthing went well, but went beyond and they charged extra. Also, they seem to try their best, they left areas of the house quite dirty.

Stefani H Coconut Grove, FL

Matt was at my house bright and early to start work on cutting down the massive tree. His 3 man crew worked continuously throughout the day for 12 hours straight in the on and off rain to get the job done. They took much care not to hit the house and the neighbors house. I never saw them take a break other than a few minutes to eat lunch in rotation. After 12 hours of work, Matt told me that he would have to return to remove the rest of the stump, as the grinder he brought with them was not strong enough to get the stump out efficiently. I really appreciated his professionalism in getting the job done correctly, even if it did take the extra trip. When I went to pay him the first day, he told me to wait until the job was completely finished, which was very respectable. I wanted to wait to review the work until they were completely done and I must say, my yard has never looked better!!! You cant even tell that there was a tree there previously. I will be calling Tree Masters for any tree needs in the future and you should as well!!!!!

Doug D Miami FL

Went great ! Tree Masters was on time and had great equipment to work with to get job done efficiently and professionally with his helper. They where a pleasure to deal with.

Richard P Coconut Grove, FL

Matt Long of Tree Masters was very professional. He is very knowledgeable about trees as well as other landscape issues. He offered solutions to some other problems our community is having.
Overall, the trees look great and were in desperate need of some reduction and crowning. All the HOA neighbors say he did an excellent job at a reasonable price. We look forward to watching how the trees grow and fill in over the next few months.

Andrew M Miami FL

These guys have the equipment and expertise to get the job done correctly. They understood what I needed and went above and beyond the call of duty. I will be calling them later in the year for an additional job. Thanks Matt!

Linda K South Miami, FL

Workers arrived and began work immediately. All of the contract work was completed in a timely manner. I asked workmen to level the ground where a tree was removed and it was completed as asked. Debris was taken to the street and stacked nicely. Raking was done so that grounds looked tidy.

Sharlene P Miami FL

Tree Masters did an excellent job, better than any of the other
tree companies I have used over the past few years. Tree Masters gave a
detailed description of tasks to be done along with their quote. They did
exactly what I wanted them to do. The owner was on site at all times working
with his crew. It was a very thorough job! Expert trimming allows
more light into my yard, which is promoting better growth of smaller plants.
Removal of limbs over roof has cut down on leaves gathering on the
roof. I was extremely pleased with them, will use them again, and have
recommended them to my friends and co-workers. Great company!

N N Pinecrest FL

Tree Masters met and exceeded my expectations about trimming 2 20 feet trees. Matt is very knowledgeable of the job, tree types and care. Hr contacted me immediately after I left a message we arrange time for him to make an assessment of the work. He told how long him and his crew take and the labor cost, which it was very affordable. Matt and crew showed on time and started work immediately, cleaned up all debris and left I will contact him in the future for other tree related jobs. His professional work ethics, knowledge and customer service are top notch and above any other tree companies I have ever seen I will recommend Tree Master for your patio and tree work Thank Matt you are the best, Ulises H US Army Retired

Ulises H Miami, FL

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