Tree Trimming, Pruning Trees & Canopy Crown Reduction

Tree Masters based in South Florida provides a number of quality tree services to the community including trimming, pruning, thinning, grinding and root removal, tree removal to stump, hazardous tree limb removal, mulching, debris hauling, as well as Certified Arborist Consulting. With nearly 20 years of experience, the certified experts of Tree Masters prioritize our customer’s satisfaction by delivering high quality tree services in addition to providing customer care and professional ethics on a consistent basis. And being fully licensed and insured gives our valued customers peace of mind and confidence in our services.

Tree Trimmers & Tree Pruners

Tree trimming and pruning are terms commonly used interchangeably but generally tree pruning is performed in order to protect the tree or shrub while trimming is undertaken to ensure healthy growth. Tree trimming and pruning services are a necessary need that both commercial and residential properties in South Florida should indulge in from as needed. As a vital element to keeping trees healthy and well maintained, tree trimming and pruning needs to be properly done according to the type of the tree. No matter the species of your tree, efficient tree trimming and pruning in addition to adequate water and sun exposure, are all important basics of your tree’s survival. By fighting tree ailments, improving the sunlight’s exposure to strengthen the durability of the limbs and trunk, and to allow for nutrient dispersal. Regular tree trimming allows for better health and aesthetic enhancement by keeping the tree limbs well balanced and healthy.

Canopy Pruning for Crown Reduction

Trees often grow larger than planned or desired for aesthetic or safety factors. These trees may become hazardous due to their large size by interfering with overhead utility wires or growing into buildings or other trees. Crown reduction pruning is most often required when clearance from a structure is needed. Tree Masters canopy pruning to reduce a tree’s crown provides a more pleasing, natural look to the tree compared to tree topping. Many people do not even realize a canopy was reduced in size following our moderate canopy reduction service!

Tree Trimming, Pruning Trees & Canopy Crown Reduction Services & More in Pine Crest, Coral Gables, Palmetto Bay, Kendall & Greater Miami, Florida

If your Southern Florida trees are due for a tree trimming maintenance, or your tree limbs are looking unhealthy, call the experts of Tree Masters and let our experienced professionals maintain your tree’s growth and health. We will ensure the tree is properly trimmed, and any limbs that are sickly are removed to help the tree’s health and appearance. Contact us for all your tree service needs!

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