Hernan V

July 1, 2019

Contacted Tree Master and left a message that I was interested in receiving a quote on the work to be done. Was called back quickly by Matthew. Matt came out the next day and spent about 90 minutes with me going over the area taking notes and sketching a plan. He noted where the utilities were located and made numerous measurements for clearance of equipment. The next day I had an e-mail from Matt describing the work to be done and several options.
I accepted the offer and Matt gave me a start date for the Tuesday of the following week. Tuesday morning Matt and his crew were on site ready to work. It is absolutely amazing just how much debris 350 feet of 8 – 10 foot hedge will make ! Many of the stumps were 6 or more inches in diameter and in every case there were 4 or 5 stumps grouped together. There is no way this could have been done by hand. The first part of the hedge had to come down so Matt’s equipment could get in the back yard.
Matt has the right equipment to take on a job of the scope.
As the hedge was being removed, the 100+ new plants were delivered and off loaded. after a couple of days of cutting and removing roots, dressing the area to plant the new Clusia, the planting of the new plants started on the far side of the property and the bucket truck came into the back yard. Now the tree trimming started. WOW lots more debris, Lots and lots more.
This is where Matt’s heart duty BobCat and chipper comes into play. I was surprised just how quick they were able to reduce all of the logs and branches into chips. They then moved the chips to the back yard for mulch and finished the hand trimming of the trees.
The trees looks great and all of the dead wood is gone. The hedge is fantastic. The fence is back up looking better than ever. The debris are all gone and the yard looks perfect.
The only glitch encountered was on getting the bucket truck out of the back yard. The truck snagged a small part of the ornamental grill work on my neighbors side fence. Matt contacted the neighbor and arranged for it to be repaired. This has been done and my neighbor is happy.
Matt is a true southern gentleman and pleasure to work with. Everything worked out perfect.

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