How Far Can Tree Roots Spread & How Do You Stop Roots from Spreading in Crossings, FL?

When it comes to trees there are several parts that most people know about. You know that there is a tree trunk that is the main support. Then there is a canopy that has the branches and the leaves on the tree. Then you have the root system that is there to feed the trees. You want to make sure that you take care of your trees so that they are able to last and grow to meet their potential. The trees that you have on your property each have their own style as well as size that they are intended to be. The fact is that if you do not care for your trees with pruning, trimming and watering they are not going to be able to get to that point. The area of the tree that gets the least amount of attention are the roots. The roots of the tree has a huge amount of importance and you should know more about them. Tree Masters outlines what you need to understand about tree roots.

How Far Do the Roots of a Tree Extend?

One of the things that people are not aware of is how far the roots go when they tree is growing. There is some misconception that the roots only go out as far as the trees canopy. The fact is that the roots are not going to follow the size of the canopy but go as far as they need to. The roots have a job and that is to make sure that they find the moisture and the nutrients that they need to feed the tree. The more you care for your tree and the more you water and feed it the less the roots have to move to get what they need. This does not mean that they will not still move outward but they may not go as quick as they might if you were not caring for the tree. This is something that you take into account when you have a tree planted.

Deep Tree Roots are the Best

You will hear people say that there are some trees that have roots that are at the top of the soil while others have deep reaching roots. There is also some thought that a tree is healthy when the roots are deep in the ground. The fact is that the roots are most commonly found within the first three to four inches of the soil. These are the roots that will make sure they are taking in the water and the nutrients that are needed. There are also some roots that will get deep and those help to keep the tree secure in the ground during adverse weather.

What Does Taproot Mean?

The term taproot is often used in regard to trees. The taproot is the main root that is supposed to go deep down in the ground. The taproot is not a part of all trees once they are out of the sapling. When it comes to fruit trees and shade trees they do not have a taproot while other trees such as pine and oak do. It is best to always have trees moved and replanted by a professional tree care service.

Do I Need to Install a Root Barrier?

As trees mature, their root systems branch out beneath the soil and will often grow 2-4 times the diameter of the crown! Tree Masters can install root barriers to redirect and control the direction of the root growth by way of mechanical guides. By diverting the tree roots away from nearby hardscapes, the primary function of the root barriers protects the foundation and structure. Root barriers are a great alternative to removing a tree or plants due to root issues!

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