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Is it Necessary to Remove a Tree Stump in Kendale Lakes, FL? Stumps Attract Termites, Can Grow into Trees & More

In addition to being obstacles in the landscaping, stumps can cause more problems than you may think, though the tree stumps may seem fairly harmless. Stumps can be more than an eyesore in the yard since they are relatively small, flat, and problematic objects. The stump behind left can be troublesome than the tree that…

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Tree Removal in Glenvar Heights, FL; Can I Remove Trees Myself, Is Removing Stump Necessary & More

Particularly to guarantee safety to others and avoid property damage, tree removal is not as easy as it seems. Tree removal is an involved process that should always be done by a trained professional with specific techniques and protocols. There are numerus reasons as to why trees are removed, some issues that include root’s becoming…

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What to Do if a Tree Falls on Your House in Sunset, FL; Call Insurance Company, Tree Removal Service & More

Can you think of anything more terrifying than a tree landing on the roof of your house? While trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape, they can become dangerous sometimes. Sometimes, storms and other reasons out of your control are the cause for a tree landing on your house. However, it is important that…

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Tree Care Tips to Improve Landscape in South Miami, FL; Removal of Dead Trees, Stumps & More

In order to keep your landscaping looking its best, it requires routine care and maintenance. Grass regularly mowed, vegetation watering schedule on point, and other contributors keep the landscaping healthy and gorgeous. The trees need care and maintenance as much as any other element in the yard. Taking care of the trees play a primary…

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Do Tree Root Barriers Work for Mature Trees in Palmetto Bay, FL? Roots Can Cause Foundation Problems & More

Many homeowners may be forgetting a simple addition designed to shield their foundation from destructive tree roots, since landscaping projects are popular. Since they could save you thousands of dollars down the road, root barriers are ideal. Today, we at Tree Masters would like to share the benefits of root barrier installation. Tree Roots Can…

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