Can I Trim a Tree Myself in Homestead, FL? How Dangerous is Trimming & Pruning Trees?

Homeowners across the country are preparing for milder weather and compiling a list of chores that will need to be completed before the heat of summer arrives. Many homeowners prefer to do their own yard work; mowing the lawn, weeding, and pruning trees and shrubs are just a few of the chores we DIY to save a little money and spend time outside in the fresh air getting some exercise and enjoying the mild weather. Yet, some tasks are best left to the experts’ hands, including pruning your trees, which can be tricky and dangerous as many property owners don’t have the knowledge, equipment, or expertise to complete the job correctly. Tree Masters outlines why you should call us for tree trimming.

How Dangerous is Tree Trimming?

The professionals at Tree Masters have all the tools required to complete trim trimming projects safely. Ladders, chainsaws, and handsaws can be hazardous in the hands of a non professional, especially when strict safety precautions are not adhered to or short cuts are taken. Your Tree Master tree service experts are trained to safely and effectively use equipment and tools, and are bonded and insured for your protection.

Tree Damage & Disease

Tree limbs can appear healthy on the outside, but that doesn’t mean your trees are healthy on the inside. Most homeowners are unaware of the signs of damage and have no idea how to assess their trees properly. Finding out while standing on a ladder and putting your weight on a limb can be hazardous, causing injury or even death if the branch gives way. A trained and experienced expert can promptly identify rotten and unhealthy trees and remove branches safely.

Should Tall & Large Trees Be Trimmed?

Many homeowners prune trees using essential tools like ladders and chainsaws, yet they don’t always consider how dangerous it can be to use a chainsaw while balancing on a ladder several feet or more above the ground. The experts at Tree Masters provide all of the essential tools and equipment needed to get the job completed quickly and professionally. Don’t risk personal injury by attempting to prune trees yourself; leave it to the highly trained experts at Tree Masters.

Difference Between DIY VS Professional Tree Pruning

Attempting to trim your trees yourself can not only result in personal injury, but it can also result in thousands of dollars of property damage. Pruning trees, especially trees with significantly larger limbs, can be unpredictable for DIYers. The experts at Tree Masters are trained to assess your trees for injury, trimming each branch precisely while concentrating on safety precautions to protect you and your property.

Pre-Storm Tree Inspections, Fallen Tree Removal & More in Pinecrest, Coral Gables, Palmetto Bay, Kendall & Greater Miami, Florida

At Tree Masters, our professional residential and commercial tree trimming, pruning, hedge trimming, and stump removal services will not only keep your trees and shrubs healthy it will also improve the appearance of your property by increasing curb appeal and adding value to your home. Contact the experts at Tree Masters today to schedule an appointment for professional, prompt, and affordable tree trimming services.

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