How Dangerous is Cutting Down Trees & How to Prepare for Tree Removal in The Hammocks, FL?

When a tree has fallen over or needs to be removed for various reasons, often a tree removal service is required to come and remove the tree. Depending on the size and location of the tree, some preparation is needed. At times the homeowner is completely unprepared for a tree removal service to come and remove the tree, while others will ask a number of questions on how to prepare. Tree removal isn’t always an easy task. Some trees are a great challenge to remove and extensive prepare is needed. Tree Masters would like to share, and hopefully answer, some of those common questions on how to prepare for tree removal services.

Tree Risk & Site Location Assessment

When trees need to be removed, often the tree service will ask the number, location, and size of the trees. When the trees are considered a larger size, often the tree service will come to the home and survey the trees and their location to determine the best course of action. At times a tree removal service may require a dumpster to be brought out to the location or a wood chipper. Once the trees and their location have been surveyed, the tree service will schedule a date for the trees to be removed.

Clear Land Around Trees to Be Removed

With the tree removal scheduled, the homeowner will then need to prepare for the tree removal service. If there are vehicles or other items near the tree removal zone, relocate what you can. Move cars to a different location, remove landscape furniture, potted plants, etc. Trees can be unpredictable even though the tree removal service is trained and can control trees and how they may fall. At times wind and other foreseen situations can occur. For this reason, the homeowner should remove everything that can be moved to prevent unexpected damages.

Provide Parking for Tree Removal Company

Next, prepare an area for the tree removal service. Often the tree removal company will have a trailer or require a dumpster to dispose of the tree. The dumpster, trailer and company vehicles will need a place to park. The closer to the tree removal site, the better. Some tree removal companies will bring an industrial size wood chipper to help them break down the tree and recycle the tree into mulch. When removing the tree, the stumps will need to be removed as well. A stump removal machine will need to access the site to grind down the stump. Again, as the homeowner, you will need to step up and prepare space for all of the tree removing equipment.

How Dangerous is Cutting Down Trees?

Another consideration for homeowners is to stay inside your home or go somewhere while the tree removal service works to remove the trees. Tree removal is dangerous. It will be requested that little children and pets remain inside the home. In some cases parents will take it a step further and take their children and pets to a friend or family member’s home to ensure they stay out of the way and remain safe. As a parent with children and pets you may want to set up a safer place for them to go while the trees are being removed.

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