Signs Trees Need Pruning in Pinecrest, FL; Broken Tree Branches, Cracks in Trunk, Deadwood & More

Though they are not sure when they may need it, most understand their trees need to be pruned. Not only does pruning enhance the aesthetics of the tree, but it also preserves the tree’s overall health. We at Tree Masters would like to list some common signs that indicate that your trees are in need of pruning.

Broken Tree Branches

Exposure to the inside of your tree from a broken or limp tree branch is a sure sign that damage has occurred. Posing a hazardous risk if not treated properly, any damage is typically caused by extreme wind or heavy snow needs to be addressed. If any trees require any immediate pruning, or even removal for safety following a storm, call in a pro immediately.

Tree Branches Too Heavy

If peering through the crown of the tree is too dense that you can’t see through it, the density can prove to be a hazard. During heavy winds, branches can be damaged as the branches are more likely to get tangled in the extreme wind.

Crossing & Touching Branches

Damaged can be the result of crossing branches as the bark rubs against each other. When the interior of the branch is exposed, the tree becomes vulnerable to diseases and pest infestations, leading to early decay, where it can spread across the entire tree.

Tree Deadwood

The tree is likely dying when there is excessive deadwood. Another hazardous condition that should have immediate attention is the broken branches and large sections of deadwood. Before the decay spreads to the majority of the tree and the whole tree will have to be removed, the pruning is vital.

Cracks in Tree Trunks

When there are deep cracks in the bark, or multiple cracks, the tree is in some kind of duress and ignoring the issue will only accelerate the deterioration of the tree, which may need to be removed. With the cracks can save the tree, pruning the problem branches can preserve the tree.

Crown Reduction for Misshapen Trees

Without routine pruning services, tree will not be able to grow in ideal patterns suited for their structure. Misshapen trees that do not have their weight evenly distributed leads to breakage and potential harm or property damage.

Tree Cankers from Disease

Tree cankers is when bark is completely missing or even just sunken in. The tree can completely rot away when the tree is decaying or has a disease. Any tree cankers growing on branches can be pruned that will spare the tree.

Uninhibited Tree Growth

Trees naturally grow upwards towards the sun, but when they have to compete for the sunlight and have the open space, the tree has the opportunity to grow outward as opposed to upward. Likely to collapse under their own weight, unfortunately, from the heaviness. Pruning can reduce the risk.

Wandering Branches

A high potential to cause property damage is when branches have grown over the roof or have become tangled within themselves or around power poles or other structures, and they need to be pruned.

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