Dana K

July 1, 2019

Matt and his team from Tree Master did a great job. Before I contacted Matt, I made the mistake of trying to get my lawn company, who claims they are also a landscaper and tree service company, to remove of palm stumps (a type with multiple small fiberous stumps per tree, that can grow back easily – if not properly removed) and to grind/remove a much larger group of stumps (from a type of tree that acted like a Banyan tree, but looked more like a Rubber tree). The trees and a fence beside them was damaged by Irma. Now I needed them all gone, both to make the yard look nice again and so I can put back up a nice fence that was damaged by the storm. Please NOTE below is not a review of Tree Master – it is a review of a different company that I am talking about just to contrast them with how good of a job Matt from Tree Master did. Well my lawn/landscaping/tree company, that first tried to use, was able to cut everything down, but they were very hesitant to do the grinding that they had already been partially paid to do. They were worried about it being close to my house water line, so instead and without waiting for my permission, dumped chemicals all over the stumps to try and dissolve them. Which they said would take 3-4 weeks. Well it didn’t even come close to working (after 2 months), so I insisted on them grinding the tree stumps like was originally agreed to. They kept saying they didn’t want the liability of repairing they water pipe, if they break it (which is why they tried the chemicals first), I ended up digging up the pipe myself, so they at least knew where it was. They didn’t do a good job of grinding the smaller stumps. They left a lot just under the ground that could grow back and didn’t smooth over the holes to make the ground look level. In general it looked very messy afterwards. The larger stump they couldn’t do at all, they said their grinder kept shutting off every time they tried to grind it. They said they would have to research it and contact colleagues to figure out how to remove this group of larger stumps and it might require stronger chemicals. Enough was enough. Now my REVIEW of Tree Masters: So, I called Matt from Tree Masters. He came over and inspected the area and said it would be no problem, but it would require to him to use a fairly big and therefore more expensive grinder and some equipment to help him scoop up and haul off the debris. He wasn’t worried about the water pipe at all and said if he happened to break it, he would fix it on the spot, but he was not worried about it and did NOT expect to break it. Well I guess you just need to call someone who knows what they are doing. Matt and team came over with a much larger grinder and made quick work of the larger collection of stumps and redid the grinding of the smaller ones that were that were not done well enough by the other company. He hauled away the everything as to not leave a large mound or fibrous root material all over the place. He also recovered up my water pipes and spread dirt evenly over the work area to keep the yard looking flat. Matt and team did a great job and it looks great. Now my fence guy can finish putting up my replacement fence. I gave a B, instead of an A on price, because I would have liked it a bit cheaper, but maybe it was still a good price, because although my lawn/tree company was cheaper, they couldn’t even do the job correctly and I had to end up hiring Matt from Tree Master anyway, so cheaper is not always better. There was a slight initial delay on arranging the site visit to inspect tree stumps and getting the quote (but the quote delay was due to a wrong e-mail address). The initial site visit delay was only a day or two past the original planned date, which is still pretty good compared to long delays I have had with other companies. Once I gave the go ahead on the job, he not only did the work quickly and correctly, he made special arrangements to start extra quick, since he knew I had been struggling to get this done with the previous company and it was delaying my fence installation. All in all, Matt and his team did a great job and I have no problem highly recommending him.

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