Purpose of Root Barrier Installation in Palmetto Bay, FL; Prevent Tree Roots from Water Pipe Breaks & More

You want to make sure that as you make decisions about your landscape and your home, that you know what the outcome will be. This is why most people take time to look at the options that are available and what it will look like on or around their house. One area of the property you want to make sure you give your attention to is the trees that you choose to have installed on your property. The trees that are on your property should be thought about because the tree that you start with will not be the tree you see in a few years. Most trees are intended to grow and expand and that is what most people want. The tree needs to have enough space to grow and room for the roots to get a good take in the ground without damaging nearby structures. One of the things that you may want to consider when you have a new tree planted or a tree that has been on your property for some time is installation of a root barrier. Tree Masters explains what a root barrier is and why you may want to have one installed.

What is a Root Barrier?

If you want to have the ultimate protection for your home and landscape then a root barrier is the way to go. This is a system that can be installed on your property by a professional. There are appropriate materials that are installed in the ground around the area of the tree that you are concerned about. The installation should be laid out and thought through so that your tree has the ability to give the roots the space that it needs. The barrier is there to guide the roots to a safe area to expand.

Root Barriers Helps to Protect Foundation

A problem that some people come across is that when their tree is growing the roots are taking over the ground. This is not always a bad thing but when they start to press into your homes foundation it can be an issue. The roots will start to push up and crack the foundation of the house. This can lead to a dangerous situation that is quite costly to repair. You want to have the barrier installed so that the foundation of the house is protected and the roots of your tree are sent around to other areas on your property.

Without a Barrier, Tree Roots Can Break Water Pipes

The yard also is usually laid out with some water pipes and sewer lines that need to have access to the house from the street. If you allow your tree roots to grow in any area of the yard it can cause major trouble for these lines. The lines can become damaged and clogged with parts of the roots from your tree. The barrier would be laid out to protect your sewer and water lines from breaking and other damage.

Root Barrier Installation & More in Pinecrest, Coral Gables, Palmetto Bay, Kendall & Greater Miami, Florida

Tree Masters can come out to your house and make a plan to install root barriers. We offer this service for new trees and older trees as well. Contact us today!

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