Solutions to Leaf Scorch & Wilting, Improper Pruning of Trees, Drought & Other Tree Problems in Coconut Grove, FL

Your trees provide a lifelong addition to your property and you want them to look great and thrive, but trees can get sick just like we do. Do you have a tree that doesn’t look as healthy as it once did? The good news is that most of the time the problems with trees can be reversed with the right care and are less problematic than tree diseases. Tree Masters outlines common tree problems and how to solve them.

Tree Leaf Scorch

When leaves are overexposed to harsh sunlight or high winds, they can become scorched. It can occur when leaves are dehydrated. The leaves will start to look brown, shriveled, and may have burn marks near the tips. Increased watering is the best way to combat this problem. Adding mulch around the base of the tree will also help with moisture absorption.

Tree Leaves Wilting

Leaves will wilt due to a falling turgor pressure in the plant cells. This happens when there is a loss of water. Leaves will appear wilted and will lose their shape and rigidity. Drought is usually the cause. If possible, move the tree to an area where it will get more sunlight or increase watering.

Improper Tree Pruning

Many problems can occur with incorrect pruning. Trees that are over trimmed or under trimmed can typically become overgrown with fur. This makes it hard for the tree to breathe and absorb water. It’s best to have professionals prune your trees to keep them healthy.

Tree Drought Effects

We know that trees need water to survive and that drought will cause problems. When trees go long periods of time without water it can cause long-term problems like stunted growth and tree death. While you can’t control the weather, you can compensate with more watering during periods of drought.

Tree Diseases

Some tree disease can be easy to see, others are more difficult.
1. Powdery Mildew on Trees. Mildew will create a white coating on the leaves of trees and can damage the overall health of it. Mildew can be treated with fungicides.
2. Tree Leaf Rust. Rust fungus will weaken the photosynthesis system in plants and will cause the leaves to develop yellow-brown spots. It can be treated with fungicides and removing leaves that have already been affected.
3. Tree Gall. Gall will appear as abnormal growths on parts of a tree. These bumps can vary in size and color. Galls are usually created by insects and mites to store eggs. These bumps can be unsightly but are just an anesthetic issue that cause little to no damage to your tree.
4. Tree Witches’ Broom Disease. Witches’ Broom is a disease that will affect the appearance of a tree. It looks just like a broom with a dense mass of sticks growing from one point. It can be cut out from the tree, but the tree will also need to be inspected to see if pests are causing the problem. More treatment may be needed.

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