When a Tree Should Be Removed in Cutler Bay, FL; Nuisance, Diseased, Damaged or Dead Trees & More

Many homeowners love the trees they have on their property and do all they can to keep them healthy. Unfortunately, in spite of all those efforts, there are situations where trees should be removed. Tree Masters explore these reasons below

Dead Tree Removal Responsibility

No one wants to see a tree die but sometimes they do. When a tree dies the only option is to remove it. That’s because a dead tree will slowly lose strength and can become dangerous. The tree will continue to become weak as it loses its ability to deal with extra weight or storms. Storms can cause branches to break and fall or can bring the entire tree down. This can cause damage to your home and anything around it, like cars and people. This creates huge potential liability and needs to be removed as soon as possible.

Removing Trees that Get Diseases

Many trees die due to disease. You may not know that your tree has a disease and will only find out once irreversible damage has occurred. If you discover that your tree is diseased, it’s important to have it looked at by a professional to see if it can be treated before it’s too late. If the tree can’t be saved it should be removed to avoid weakening that will follow as the tree dies. Removal will also prevent the spread of disease to your other trees.

Storm & Other Damage Tree Removal

Severe weather has the potential to damage trees. Trees can become terrible damaged by a lightning strike. You may not notice how badly for years after it has been struck. Trees can also be damaged when a vehicle strikes it or animals cause damage. Professionals can evaluate your tree and advise of best course of action which unfortunately is often tree removal.

Overhanging Tree Branches & Encroaching Trees

Trees are alive and always growing. That means they can affect their surroundings. When trees are first planted, they typically have a great and suitable location, but then structures are built around them. The roots of the tree can impact the foundation of your home or others around it. Branches may start to encroach on utilities and power lines. Trees many even grow to the point where they obstruct your view. These trees can be removed at any time.

Removal of Nuisance Trees

You may have a tree that you don’t like very much anymore. Some trees shed seeds or fruit that can be annoying, others have wood that is weak and will start to break. There are times when you just don’t like the way the tree looks anymore, or you want to free up some land to use it for another purpose. These are situations where a tree can be removed.

Emergency Hazardous Tree Removal & More in Pinecrest, Coral Gables, Palmetto Bay, Kendall & Greater Miami, Florida

There are situations where trees need to be removed right away, and less urgent situations that allow you to wait and see. When you determine that it’s time to remove a tree on your property you can trust Tree Masters. We have years of experience and the equipment needed to safely remove any tree. We also offer 24/7 service. Give us a call!

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