When a Tree Should Be Removed in Cutler Bay, FL; Nuisance, Diseased, Damaged or Dead Trees & More

Many homeowners love the trees they have on their property and do all they can to keep them healthy. Unfortunately, in spite of all those efforts, there are situations where trees should be removed. Tree Masters explore these reasons below Dead Tree Removal Responsibility No one wants to see a tree die but sometimes they…

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Prevention of Tree Storm Damage in Coral Gables, FL; Trimming Trees Before Hurricanes & More

Destroying thousands of street and shade trees every year, wind and lightning passes though and the severe winds and thunder and lightning cause extensive damage in its path. The weather is unbiased and has no regard for any kind of trees. Historical and rare trees that were specifically designed into the landscaping can be utterly…

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Is Tree Stump Removal Necessary or is Leaving Stumps in the Ground an Option in Miami, FL?

Tree removal is not as easy as it seems, especially to guarantee safety of others and avoid property damage. With specific techniques and protocols, tree removal is an involved process that should always be done by a trained professional. Trees are often removed when their root’s become invasive to sewer or plumbing systems or cause…

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